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      The company was established in September 2009 as remarkable needs of engineering works were boosted up especially when the country is rapidly searching for development of the energy and environment. The whole concept of the company is to integrate all experts to join and facilitate their specialties to create all king of engineering works mainly to focus on the mentioned purposes.
     We are specialize in the field of process & equipment for all kinds of water related activities, from waste water to energy, water management, special & advance project such as desalination with energy recovery till hybrid solar desalination 

        The company has a background of decade as leading company who specializes in technologies for water management, water & waste water treatment, recycling of industrial waste water by modern membrane technology into useable water among the clients in the refinery, petrochemical areas at Map ta phud, Rayong for more the 8 Years.  
   The shortage of fresh water among the community has foreseen to be a major concerns in rural areas and locations where the fresh water is highly consumed such as all islands especially for tourist and along the sea coast line of the Thailand down South. This Particularly vast opportunity then IWM raised up to f
ocus on desalination mainly SWRO and special project concerning desalination and energy/environment technology.

Better technology and management can manipulate to share the water resource to everybody that lasts longer.

Aim to be a better water management technology company while devote ourselves to preserve a great mother resources of nature.

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